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Who Are We?
Royal international Academy, the Enlightening Beacon, and the Scientific Reference with global accreditation, was founded in 2019, based on extensive experience combined with unique professionalism and excellence in providing the new and exclusive in bio-energy treatments, family consultations, and scientific materials. Our goal: To find the best qualitative and proactive solutions for various challenges, obstacles, and diseases that hinder the achievement of desired goals, through research-based scientific approaches and openings from God.


Brief Introduction about Dr. Sara

Dr. Sara  the Ambassador of Love and Peace, a title not given to her in vain, is one of the most respected and influential figures in the Arab world. She has made a significant impact on the educational and scientific levels and has been instrumental in helping and healing people from various diseases and problems.

She was born and raised in beloved Palestine, and she was influenced by the Palestinian environment. She graduated from Al-Quds University, the third holiest site, with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. Afterwards, she focused on the educational and scientific aspects, earning an honorable Master's degree in Human Development and a Ph.D. in Family Relations and Teenagers' Issues from Princess Diana University (Smart Intel). She also obtained a diploma in English translation.

However, she did not rest on her laurels and achieved further success, this time in the United States. She joined the renowned designer for celebrity and wealthy homes, Jayme Barret, to embark on a journey of research and translation in the latest trends of the global science of Feng Shui. Following that, she proudly assumed the position of president of her academy, the Royal International Academy. She inaugurated it on the European side of Istanbul on the Sultanahmet Ship, with a VIP event attended by over 200 Arab and foreign guests. She obtained a license from Turkey under the company's name, which included the academy branch. It became a beacon of enlightenment and a scientific reference, responsible for healing many people from psychological and physical illnesses.

Dr. Sara is considered a reference based on her extensive experience, marked by professionalism and excellence in providing unique and exclusive bio-energy treatments, family consultations, and scientific materials. She has delved into numerous scientific subjects and services, including:

  • Master Reiki Ryoho and Grand Master Reiki Money/Dollar/Gold.

  • Master Reiki London (UK).

  • Karuna Reiki/Islamic Reiki/Weight Loss Reiki/Magic Reiki/Angel Reiki/Third Eye Activation/Pranic Healing/Theta Healing/Animal and Plant Reiki.

  • Collagen Research with Dr. Jim Humble: Collagen production (remanufacturing it within the body and injecting it with strength).

  • Diva Queen Courses.

  • Femininity and Yin-Yang Balance.

  • Comprehensive Femininity Capsule.

  • Treatment with spiritual and ultraviolet rays.

  • Quranic Therapy and the Beautiful Names of Allah.

  • Chakras in Islam.

  • Halitik before and after prayer.

  • Therapeutic Nutrition.

  • Microbiotics.

  • Vitamins and Minerals.

  • Opening closed marriage pathways.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) treatment.

  • Treatment for couples' pregnancy, fertility, and embryo stabilization.

  • Treatment for preventing marriage obstacles caused by witchcraft.

  • Couples' therapy.

  • Children, parents, teenagers, and fathers' problems.

  • Student's study problems.

  • Fear treatment.

  • Treating organic diseases with bio-energy and global techniques (Cancer, infertility, nutrition).

  • Treating spiritual and psychological diseases (witchcraft, marriage obstacles, bringing back divorced couples/creating a brand after divorce).

  • Family empowerment, online marital consultations.

  • Arranging homes, commercial shops, and restaurants according to the global Feng Shui approach.

  • Organizing therapeutic trips including recovery sessions in Turkey (Trabzon Aydar).

  • Providing free weekly lectures.

  • Exclusive treatments in nature at Sapanca Lake's pavilions.

  • Dr. Sara proudly received several invitations to present her programs in North Carolina, USA, Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria. She also obtained approval from American and Egyptian publishing houses to publish translations of Feng Shui, in which she excelled.

  • Dr. Sara hosted the famous Turkish writer "Asuman Tömer" as a result of collagen production sessions in nature.

  • She translated several Western books and publications, including:

    • Karuna Reiki (Laurelle Shanti Gaia).

    • Theta Healing (Vianna Stibal).

    • Reiki Radiance.

    • Feng Shui (Jayme Barret).

    • Quantum Touch (Richard Gordon).

    • Precious Crystals.

    • Haki Reiki Osoi.

    • Everything About Shock (Mohamed Kielani).

She was also hosted by Palestine TV to showcase her works in English. She organized numerous live meetings with American author Jayme Barret and received several invitations to meet her in Greece and Italy. Dr. Sara received an official invitation from the famous Italian director Luigi Sbatellini to establish a center for treating people in Rome. Recently, she received an official invitation to attend the Arab Women's Economic Conference in Cairo, where she joined global businesswomen and businessmen.

This is the great and influential journey of Dr. Sara, touching the hearts of Arab intellectuals and the entire literary production. We have witnessed her professional career and scientific achievements, and we can only be inspired by her determination for success, hard work, time management, and we pray for her continued brilliance and success. May God bless her.

What We Are About


Thanks to God, we have accomplished a lot in terms of knowledge and treating cases. You can follow more details above and see the results for yourself.


We use new methods that have not been used before, and thanks to God, we are unique and have branches and representatives in various parts of the Arab world.


You can contact us at any time as we are always available and happy to assist you. For more information and inquiries, please click on "Contact Us" below.

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Our Studio in most  arabic countries

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