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Female Copsoul

To be an example of gravity, excitement, and allure, and to awaken the sacred diva within you. What are you waiting for, madam, to wake up and awaken the treasure within you before it's too late? Understand all the backstage and secrets that lie within you, the flaws and become in a state of connection, attraction, and reception.

We offer you these treasures prepared with love and mastery from Dr. Sara in the "Femininity Capsule" course, which includes the following topics:

🌸 Karma of grandmothers and obstacles to marriage. 🌸 Pregnancy at the age of seventy. 🌸 How to improve my relationship with my husband. 🌸 Contemplation of the sacred feminine. 🌸 The relationship between nutrition and femininity. 🌸 The relationship between motherhood, wealth, and diseases. 🌸 Qualities of the servant, doll, and queen women, and the relationship of men with each type. 🌸 The professional field for each type of women. 🌸 How to enhance my femininity and gain better charisma. 🌸 Secrets of femininity and collagen. 🌸 Signs of low feminine energy. 🌸 The four seasons of the menstrual cycle. 🌸 Masculine and feminine foods. 🌸 Zodiac signs, gemstones, and genders. 🌸 Plants, masculine, and feminine scents. 🌸 Feminine drinks and appropriate quantities of female food.

⛔ Some of these contemplations are prohibited for pregnant women.

If you are not ready to wake up, no one will awaken you. To contact us and request our services, please join our channel and communicate.

Channel link:

WhatsApp line: 00972599822379

⚜ Dr. Sara, Head of Royal International Academy.

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