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Reiki Treatment

About Royal International Academy

Find your inner Paece

Royal International Academy to provide real guidance for people who suffer from psychological and physical problems
(You deserve a better life)
It was established in 2019. It has gained the advantage among academies in terms of integrity, dealing with all and the trust of customers


We are looking forward to expanding and spreading in the world. In future business 2023 and the implementation of smart ideas in the world of energy and treatments


Our message is to put a smile on the face of everyone who is sad and bring comfort to everyone who is tired of sleeping on the bed of illness and everyone who is narrowed down by life.
This message we pride ourselves on is in order to provide the best services at the most appropriate cost
Collaboration with a team spirit, quality, excellence and professionalism
Leadership, commitment and responsibility. Professional respect and hard work.
Bioenergetic Therapist and Marriage Counselor
I treat cancer, infertility, glandular diseases, spiritual and psychological diseases, magic, marriage obstacles, and 100% private sessions.
Arranging the house, shops, insiders, and even selling online in the style of feng shui to attract love, marriage, travel and the return of the divorced. Getting rid of trauma. A capsule of femininity, career, fame and children
Make medical trips to Trabzon and Idar, including healing sessions
I am treated with many techniques. I think that I am the first in the world not to use these treatments and the results are shocking
We offer free weekly lectures
Courses and diplomas in human development and bioenergy
Accredited certificates from Smart Intel University of Princess Diana and the Canadian Board

Our Vision

Our Message

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Our Services

Our Services

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For those who #femininity capsule course.

For every woman who loves herself and appreciates her femininity.

For every woman who wants to balance her feminine energy.

For every woman who wants to understand the hidden power within her and transform it into energy that she can benefit from in all aspects of her life.

For every woman who wants to evolve spiritually.

For every woman who wants to become more attractive, beautiful, and captivating.

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Anyone who graduates from this diploma becomes capable of organizing the energy of every corner of the house, abundance, wealth, travel, studying, wisdom, fame, health, creativity, and the family aspect.

  1. They become capable of knowing how to start a business project that attracts money through proper and optimal methods.

  2. Your home becomes warmer and more loving.

The Feng Shui Energy of Space course... and successful business projects... you can accomplish them with the energy of space.

Through this course, the trainee can arrange the energy of their home.

You will receive PDF files for the four levels.

You can purchase them without enrolling in the course as well.

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 Relationships You desire long-lasting love and a supportive partner, but you still find yourself entangled in a chaotic relationship with someone who doesn't provide what you need. This often leads you to attract toxic individuals.

I'm sure you've asked yourself, "What mistake am I making that keeps me attracting the wrong people?"

It may not be a mistake as much as it is a change that we will discover together in one of my powerful energy sessions. I am Dr. Sarah, a family relationship counselor and energy healer.


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